I played the song, like, three times in a row without messing up the strumming and the lyrics, :D

I am so proud of myself.

Now, to rest my voice until tomorrow, (:

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Omg, my voice.

I think I should stop using it until tomorrow, » That would be bad if I lost it because then I won’t be able to sing and play my ukulele for bayy tomorrow, D:


I’m done practicing for now.


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You know what sucks?

When you can play the chords just fine, and do the strumming just fine, but it’s the fucking lyrics that you keep fucking up.

I am frustrated.

(I couldn’t help but pick up my uke again because I got bored playing with makeup.)

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That’s enough for tonight.

Pretty much all I did all day was practice my ukulele. I think if I strum it one more time, tonight, I’m going to go nuts, lol. I’ll just practice again tomorrow afternoon.

So, right now, I’m gonna go play with my makeup to finalize how I’ll look for Tuesday, (:

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I get the chords for the songs…BUT, THERE’S PRETTY MUCH NO INFORMATION ON THE STRUMMING…which is JUST as important as knowing the chords.

Tf, man.


Does anyone know the strum pattern for Unpretty by: TLC?

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This is my new gig bag, :3

This is my new gig bag, :3

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I, finally, got myself a new case.

I just need to get one for my brother. I would post a picture right now, but I’m sitting in my campus library and my Blackberry makes an annoying click-camera sound when I make it and I know people will look because they’ll think I’m taking a picture of someone or some shit. Meh. I’m also getting a stand as soon as new ones come into the store since violin stands are a lot more expensive.

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I figured out how to play the E chord without having to bar with my ring finger. I just have to bar with my thumb. It’s easier, but the edge of the neck of my uke kinda digs into the proximal portion of my thumb, and leaves this red line. Ouch.

I also noticed that if I do a more complex strum, it’s hard for me to actually sing.


I just have to practice more.

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Pick or no pick…

Triangular-tip pick or oval-tip pick…

Felt pick or leather pick…

wejkgnkrweslfsgn, ><, wtf.

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Lalala, frustration ♪♫

I feel like my fingers are going to fall off soon…

But, I’ve been getting better at the song, :D

And, I’m still debating on using the three chord version, or the four chord version.

It’s pretty much still:

  • Three-chord - lyrics ✓, chords ✓, strumming X
  • Four-chord - lyrics ✓, chords X, strumming 


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